Gelato Challenge

The “gelato challenge” was something that I had to do two summers ago when I studied abroad as a way to step out of my comfort zone and practice some of the Italian I had been learning. Fast forward to 2018 and I am taking an Italian language class again in Italy but this time since I had a little bit more experience with speaking Italian I am helping my professor with teaching some activities and subjects. My professor and I decided the gelato challenge would be a fun warm up activity for everyone. I taught them some vocabulary about the flavors, sizes and gave them a practice dialogue that they could use before they went. I told them how amazing it is that in Italy the size of your gelato does not limit the amount of flavors you can choose from (what a fabulous idea America;)).

I remember that this challenge for me was a bit nerve-wracking because I had never practiced my Italian outside of the classroom with other native speakers. I think what I found throughout my trip abroad and what I am still noticing on this trip is that Italians are very appreciative if you attempt to speak their language and in addition are very patient with new speakers.

I went along with some of my peers to the gelateria so they could complete this challenge but not before we had a fabulous dinner in Bologna. We were first on a search for an ‘aperativo’ but instead we went to a restaurant by the Piazza Maggiore where a group of us split some dishes. We had bruschette, tortellini with cream sauce, and plate with some cheeses and local cured meats. After this delicious dinner we were craving something sweet which led us to the gelato store. I chose a sweet and smooth mango gelato and a tart and bright clementine flavor. I would say this was a pretty successful second night in Italy.

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